• The Camera is Back ONLINE!  Click here.  Username and Password are LWYC.  Choose Server Push Mode
  • Spring Cleanup April 25th 9AM.  All hands on deck...and rakes...and mops...and brooms!
  • 2015 Calendar has been set.  Click to view and start planning your summer sailing!
  • Next Board Meeting in 6PM May 4, 2015 at the Clubhouse.  All are Welcome!
  • New for 2015!  Coming before cleanup...Improved Internet service including 24/7 access to the camera! 
  • Expanded racing season for 2015.  Click to see the exciting changes!
  • Looking for information? Click here to send us an E-mail
  • Clubhouse and grounds remain closed for the winter season.  It won't be long now!