Mark your Calendars!       

What's Next at the Club...
    September  _(\__(\_(\_(\_
  September 7th        
    Salmon Grill & Bonfire
            4PM Social Hour
            5PM Dinner
            Bonfire at dusk
  September 14th        
    Full Moon Sail
           Head out for an evening sail and enjoy the full moon!
  September 29th        
    LWYC Strategic Planning Session
         Where:  RANWW Conference Center, 3460 Mall Drive, Suite 5B, Eau Claire (near Infinity Beverage at Hwy. 93 and Brian Street)
          Time:  Doors open at 10:30AM, Session from 11AM to 5PM, lunch will be provided.
    October  _(\__(\_(\_(\_
  October 5th        
    Boats Out...

                                                              _/)__/)_/)_ /)__/)_/)_ /)_/)__/)_/)_



  • Minutes of the Annual LWYC Membership Meeting are available here. Minutes are posted as soon as possible after the monthly meeting (before formal board approval) to provide members with up-to-date information. 

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