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The Lake Wissota Yacht Club, an all-volunteer organization, has grown into a very active social and sailing club with regular races throughout the season, monthly social events and a spirit of camaraderie that one new member recently described as "sailing evangelism."  Members include individuals and families ranging in age from 5 to 70 and activities abound for all.  Those members range in experience from seasoned sailing veterans to folks brand new to the sport.  While many members prefer to own and maintain their own boats, the club also provides two club sail boats for those without their own craft.

Each month during the sailing season, a social event is planned that might even include live music from the Club's own band, The Barnacles, comprised of club members.  Chicken Feeds, to Beer, Wine and Cheese events offer opportunities for members to gather, learn and grow together as sailors.   A recent addition to the social activities is the Outrageous Around The Island Extravaganza (OATIE) race, where you might find pirates on the water hoping to steer their ships to victory and culminating in a Luau-themed dinner on shore afterwards. 

Recently, the Club has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America and chartered an official Sea Scout Ship that calls the Club home.  This Scout led co-ed organization is for youth ages 14-21 and includes activities related to sailing and other water activities, leadership development and community services.  Last year was their inaugural year and membership continues to build into the coming season.

The club maintains a recently remodeled clubhouse, storage building, 40 moorings and space for additional boats on shore for members with a total capacity of 65 memberships (about 140 members and their spouses/families) with all funding for operations through annual dues and fees.


Racing is what started the club.  Gene Mower, long-time sailor and founder of LWYC, recently completed a history of sailing on Lake Wissota.  The first sail boats were C-Scows that were brought in from Minnesota’s Johnson Boat Works in 1950.  By 1972, the sport had grown rapidly enough to demand a permanent home, and land was purchased in the northwest corner of the lake where it exists today.  This area of the lake is protected by all but southeast winds. 

 Racing activity has ebbed and flowed over the years.  At present, we are in a building phase with regular races scheduled every other week throughout the season and participation and interest growing.  Watch for groups of boats circling around or racing towards the bright orange markers that define the start/end and turning points of the course.

The Lake Wissota Yacht Club is happy to call Lake Wissota our home and considers stewardship and respect of this wonderful resource a high priority.  We look forward to many more years of sailing on the lake!