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Racing in June!...



"The Good Ship Lollipop" 
at the Chippewa Falls Parade       


_/)_/)__/)_/)__O  The OATIE  O__(\_(\__(\_(\_

Tammy Lea's Pics...

Liam Fennell's Pics...

Dan Adler's Pics...

^~~^~^~^~  3rd of July Boat Parade ~^~^~^~~^~~^

   Walker Stutzman's Pics...

   Dan Adler's Pics...

May 20, 2017: Appearing at the club: High Water

LWYC Webcam Snapshot
(Our moorings being shared with The Edge)


July 9 - LWYC Race - photos by Dave B & Margaret B

July 5 - LWYC Lit by Lightning - photo by Ryan H

July 4 - Doug & Spencer - 420 - photos by Dave B

April - 2016   Construction of the new deck 

2012 Holder Nationals at LWYC


2012 july 3rd Boat Parade


June 14th 2012 Mega Storm

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed 

by the things 

that you didn't do 

than by the ones 

you did do. 

So throw off the bowlines. 

Sail away from 

the safe harbor. 

Catch the 

trade winds 

in your sails. 




Mark Twain