TMI 18 Reservations

Welcome to the TMI 18 Buccaneer Reservation Page!  You can reserve up to three consecutive hours of use in one hour increments.  Entering a reservation reserves your time with the boat.  Please respect the reservations of others and return on time.  Others may have booked a reservation while you were sailing.  If, at the end of your reservation period, no one else has the boat reserved, you can add up to two additional hours to your reservation.  

To reserve, click the link to make a reservation, then click the time block you want to reserve listed as "Enter Name Here" to start your reservation.  Enter your name in the space indicated in the top box on the appointment screen and click save.  Repeat for up to three consecutive hours.  Your name will appear on that time slot on the calendar on the webpage after you refresh/reload the page. Click the link below to reserve!

Click to make a reservation.

TMI/Buccaneer 18