Sailing Education

Sailing can be a life-long study and we're happy to help you find ways to learn the skills and information you need to make your sailing experience safe and enjoyable for you and your crew!  We have a group of experienced sailors willing to share their knowledge with other members.

Please contact us and tell us what you want to learn.  We'llsee if we can match your needs to one of our sailing veterans.

If you are interested in participating in the LWYC racing program go to the Racing Information page and be sure to check out LWYC Simply Racing (an excellent tutorial).

We also know that sometimes hungry minds can't wait!  To help those who want a quick reference or need to find a source other than the club offerings, you may want to explore the links below for additional courses, offerings and resources.

Happy Sailing!

Sailing Education Links

Online/Interactive Sailing Courses From US Sailing

Leo Robins Community Sailing Center Sailing Tutorials

Fairwind Yacht Club Training Links