Annual membership is open to individuals 18 years and older. The Club’s mission is to promote recreational sailing, conduct races and regattas and provide a clubhouse and grounds for members and their guests to enjoy. Sailboat ownership is not required. We are an all-volunteer organization and members are encouraged to help out with social events and Club maintenance.

If you are interested in sailing or learning to sail, Club membership is a great way to connect with knowledgeable sailors. If you want to become a member or would like more information about the club, please complete the Membership Interest Form and we'll contact you to discuss your interests and how to get started. For information about moorings and how to safely moor your sailboat, visit our Mooring section.


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Rules and Guidelines of the Lake Wissota Yacht Club

Adopted by the Board of Directors ( Rev. 7/2021)

  1. LWYC Membership and fees paid in full by March 15th will reserve the mooring and/or dry sail space used by the member in the prior year, provided the rules below are followed. Refer to LWYC Mooring Guidelines for specifics on annual renewal procedures for moorings, mooring transfer list, and mooring waiting list.

  2. Members may not launch their boats from the Club or tie to a mooring until membership and fees are paid in full.

  3. Membership is required to lease space for a boat at the Club. Leased space is for the sole purpose of actively sailing a boat at the Club a minimum of once per season.

  4. Dry sail space or a mooring are the only two options for keeping a boat at the Club during the sailing season. Boats over 12 feet stored on Club grounds must display a not expired DNR registration and have current proof of insurance on file.

  5. Member boats stored on Club property must be on a trailer that can be easily moved and is limited to one boat per membership during the sailing season, space permitting. For property maintenance and space optimization, the Club reserves the right to move boats/trailers without notice.

  6. Boat trailers on LWYC property must be identified with the owner’s name clearly visible on the tongue/drawbar of the trailer.

  7. The launching ramp dock is intended for sailboat and club-owned powerboat launching and retrieving only. Launching of boats by non-members without permission is not allowed.

  8. Boats are not to be left tied to the dock unoccupied/unattended.

  9. Member-owned dinghies must be stored on the dinghy rack. The overall length of the dinghy must be 10 feet or less. The owner's name must be easily visible when on rack.

  10. Club-owned dinghies are to be returned to the beach as soon as possible. They are not to be left tied to a mooring unless there is at least one functional plastic dinghy left on the shore. When you are the last to use a dinghy, pull it very high on the beach, loop to anchor rod, turn it over and store the oars and life jackets in the wooden beach box. Small (5 or less HP) motors can be temporarily attached to the plastic dinghies.

  11. The upper lot is for parking, dry sail space, and trailer storage for moored boats during the sailing season. The lower lot is for dry sailboats on trailers only. These are reserved spaces and may only be used by the assigned member. Boat placement in the lower lot is determined by the Beachmaster based on the order of request, type of boat and how often the boat is used. Vehicles are only allowed in the lower lot when loading and unloading boats or gear.

  12. LWYC prefers that each member stores their unloaded trailer off the Club premises while the member's boat is on a mooring. However, if there is no other reasonable option, Club member may store the unloaded trailer in a location designated by the Club, for an additional fee.

  13. Swimming is allowed, however; there is no lifeguard on duty at the LWYC. Children must be accompanied by an adult Club member.

  14. Dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times. Pet owners are responsible for picking up and disposing of dog feces.

  15. Clean up after yourself! The kitchen, bathroom, cooking grills, picnic tables, etc. are the responsibility of all those who use them. Please separate aluminum cans, plastic, and glass bottles for recycling.

  16. Guests are welcome at the LWYC when accompanied by Club members. In consideration of the interests and pleasure of other members, please use discretion regarding the number of guests you invite. Requests for larger groups (five or more guests) must be made to the board for consideration and approval.

  17. The General Rule is “PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS!” Let’s go sailing!!!

Active Use Policies Explained

If you have a mooring and it remains unused for two consecutive seasons, the board has the option of reassigning the mooring to another member. If you have a boat on club grounds and it remains idle (not sailed) during an entire sailing season, the board has the option of not renewing your dry sail space and requesting that you remove your boat from the grounds.

Active use policies were enacted in response to high demand for both moorings and dry sail space at the club. The goal of these policies is to ensure we provide optimal access for as many active sailors as possible. If you have any questions about the policy or how it may affect you, contact the Harbormaster or Beachmaster.