Mooring Documents


  Mooring Guidelines (PDF)

  Mooring Wait List Application (PDF)

  Mooring Transfer (PDF)

  Mooring Arrangement (PDF)


Moorings, when available, can be purchased by Club members in the order of request. LWYC does not offer marina services or boat storage for individuals who cannot be active club volunteers and participants.

Mooring lines are critical to the safety of your boat and the moored boats of other members.  Having the right equipment is essential and this page provides information about the moorings, the parts you'll need to safely moor your boat and some diagrams and other resources explaining how all the pieces come together to keep your boat safely attached to the mooring. 

2018 marked the beginning of a renovation project for club moorings.  The renovations included removing the older style 55 gallon drum anchors and replacing them with engineered concrete pads weighing 2,400 pounds on land and 1,402 pounds under water.  All moorings now include a 3/8 chain with swivels and a mooring ball.  The club hires a diver and inspects the moorings every two years and replaces all worn parts (barrels, chains, swivels) as needed.

Members must provide all the parts needed to connect their mooring lines/boat to the chain the club provides.  Download the Mooring Arrangement document for a detailed set of instructions and images to help you construct your lines.  The image below illustrates why the right setup is critical.  It was taken at the height of the June 2012 storm that, sadly, left three moored boats crashed into the rocks along Highway S.

June 2013 Mega Storm