Club Racing

For Up-To-Date racing information, feel free to contact the Racing Chairperson.

Basic Sailboat Racing Rules

Planned Race Formats

In the recent past we have tried to have separate race programs for Large Boats (generally boats 18' to 26' long with crew) and Small Boats (typically single handed boats 10' to 14' long), but it was a lot of extra overhead without a lot of benefit. In 2016 we combined LBs and SBs into the same program for most races, setting courses that could accommodate both at the same time, in the same race(s). Occasionally we set a shorter course for the SBs and a longer course for the LBs. This approach has worked out pretty well and the plan is to repeat this concept for the future.

Races will be scheduled several times a month and varies from Saturday or Sunday afternoons and Monday or Tuesday evenings (Please see calendar for specific dates for each). On each of these dates, there will be one official race that is figured in the results for club recognition. There will include a Spring Series (6 races) and a Summer Series (6 races). Additional fun races may be scheduled (on these days or others), but will not be included in the calculations for Series recognition. In addition, there will be the OATIE in July and the CrAzY Race that can vary on date held. These two races are not counted in the Spring or Summer Series.

We are likely to pick particular races to make a push to get larger number of SBs (eg Lasers, Butterflies, etc), or multihulls to turn out, but everyone is welcome at all races. No sign ups are required. Non-members are free to join us on the water for races. The Club does not provide boats for races, but will try to match people/crew up with boats/owners at the meetings before races. All members and guests are welcome to join in. The Club 420 and Buccaneer TMI can be used for races (please use the online calendar to reserve one of these boats). Only members and member boats will be tracked in results and eligible for series recognition.

Series races will be largely Windward/Leeward in nature with each leg being 1-1.5 miles in length. We will are trying to standardize several course layouts that will be posted at the club (and see below). Occasionally, a longer course, possibly around the island, may be used for LBs (with SBs having a shorter course).

  • Weather permitting, the OATIE (Outstanding Around the Island Extravaganza) will be a race around the island.

  • The CrAzy Race could be anything!?!


Dan Hietpas will coordinate the overall program with the help of anyone willing (including and especially Liam Fennel, Joe Horan, Tim Smith, Jim Nieling and Rolf Van Houten).

The club has acquired a 19’, 140hp Outboard to be used for setting courses and retrievals in dead air … herein called the “Committee Boat”. Any assistance in launching and retrieving the Committee Boat will be welcome.


Awards/recognition will be provided for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for the Spring Series (races before the OATIE), the OATIE, the CrAzY Race, for the Summer Series (races after the CrAzY Race), and Overall Race Champions for the year.

Results will be tabulated “by boat”. This allows LBs to be skippered/crewed by varying folks (family members, other club members, etc.).

Race results will be posted at the club and on the LWYC web site and awards will be given (but don’t expect any big prizes!).

Overall Race Champions for the year will be recorded in the permanent trophy case at the club.

Additional Guidelines and Information

● If there are excessive cancellations, due to weather or lack of wind, more races may be scheduled. Whether these races are included in series standings will be decided and communicated on a race-by-race basis.

● We have established a Face Book Group to communicate race news and this can be used to facilitate impromptu races (not included in series standings). Contact Jim Nieling or Dan Hietpas to be included.

● For weekend races, a Skipper’s Meeting will be held at 1:00 on the clubhouse deck. Races will typically start between 1:30 and 2:00 (decided and communicated at the Race Meetings). For weeknight races, the Skipper’s Meeting will be at 5:30 and the Races will start between 5:45 and 6:00. After a race start time is established at the Skipper’s Meeting, the race will start “on time” (ie no waiting for late boats to get to the starting area).

● All boats are expected to have a stopwatch or timer of some sort on board that they can use to coordinate start times and to capture their finish time/duration (timers can be used from the club). Each skipper will be required to record their duration at the clubhouse immediately after the race (duration is the time from the START OF THE RACE, to the time the bow of your boat crossed the finish line). Recording forms will be at the club. Record your times on the form on the clip board provided.

● Except for the OATIE and CrAzY Race, all Series results will be based on the High Point scoring system. No race throw-outs will be used, but no sailor will be penalized for missing races, except that participating in at least 60% of the completed Series races will be required to be included in the Series rankings. The Overall Racing Champions will be determined by combining the Spring and Summer Series results picking the “Best Six” races of each racer/boat.

● Skippers and crew are encouraged to stick around after the race to record results, “chat” about the race, conditions, tactics, errors, procedures, etc.

● OATIE and CrAzy Race results will be calculated only on the basis of the races on those days, using the Low Point scoring system and will NOT be included in Spring or Summer Series results, nor the Overall Race Champion considerations.

● We will be using Portsmouth Handicaps. Some adjustments will be made based on prior performance and to give new members or members with new boats a “honeymoon period.”

● We will be experimenting a bit this year with the use of RaceQS to capture race results and provide food for discussion. If you want to learn a bit about it go here:

● We will be using Portsmouth Handicaps and for more detail on the High Point Scoring System (refer to

Please contact Dan Hietpas at for race information, to join a crew, or to volunteer!